29 February 2012

Newbie Bloggers at PeaceTech Seminar

posted on September 03, 2011

TechnoPeace are group of young individuals coming from different schools with a common cause of using technology to build peace. Those young individuals were named: Sittie Nour Rifaah Guro, Jas Pearl Bagamaspad, Lynette Francisco, Justine Lorca, and Ibrahim Panalangin advised by LaiMarie | PinayTravelista. 


TechnoPeace with Mr. Richard S. Celeste

As we experienced;
Sittie said:
"This activity really made us inter act with each other and gave us the knowledge on promoting peace using technology."

Pearl said:
"Hopefully, this said workshop will be more active in promoting unity among nations."

Lynette said:
"We've learned a lot in this said seminar-workshop on how to build peace through technology and had so much fun and found new friends with different religious beliefs."

Justine said:
"We hope that we will apply those imparted knowledge from the speakers and become catalyst in promoting peace."

Ibrahim said:
"As technology goes higher, Peace goes wider. This seminar-workshop should not end here, it is something that should spread not like a virus but like a golden idea for every individual who desires for peace."

"I'm inspired by a group of youngsters whose ideas goes beyond the walls of school. Who would have thought that as young as they are -- they came upon this seminar workshop to not only deal with present issue but to become advocates of peace."

We, the TechnoPeace, ends this day to impart what we have learned in this seminar-workshop.

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