01 February 2012

PeaceTech calls for application: National Youth Ambassadors for Peace Program 2012


The National Youth Ambassador for Peace Program is geared towards empowering young leaders to become effective volunteers for peace in the Philippines. In this program, PeaceTech is connecting 40 selected youth leaders in Metro Manila/Cebu region with 40 selected youth leaders in Mindanao through technology specifically videoconferencing to promote solidarity and increase understandingg about peace issues affecting them and the country as a whole.

In this program, a majority (if not all) of selected youth volunteers graduate to become PeaceTech Youth Ambassadors. To graduate, volunteers participate in five day and night formation workshops on peace education and on-line communication.

Youth Volunteers also spend time on a regular basis mentoring peace clubs in all participating program schools. High school students in Peace Clubs produce videos, which capture community concerns and questions around the peace process. Videos are then uploaded at for all key parties to the peace process to respond to.

Youth volunteers who graduate from formation workshops and who mentor Peace Clubs in schools become “Certified PeaceTech Ambassadors” at the end of the program and join the Annual General Assembly to become an official member of PeaceTech Embassy.

The PeaceTech Youth Ambassador Program consists of three components: Formation Workshops; Peace Club Mentoring; and General Assembly.

Phase 1: Formation Workshop

PeaceTech Inc and partners will select youth leaders who will participate in the formation and capacity building workshop. Workshops focus on:
• Peace Education
• ICT and social media for peace building
• Project Management
• Leadership and Team building

Workshops are five days and five nights. PTI holds these workshops simultaneously in Mindanao and Metro Manila.

Phase 2: Peace Club Mentoring

Peace Clubs are the outputs of PeaceTech’s Classroom Videoconference Program. These clubs are the “vehicles” through which students of classroom videoconferences report on community concerns around the peace process.

It is at peace clubs that youth volunteers practise those skills they have learned at Formation Workshops in project management, ICT and peace education. There is also a time commitment from youth volunteers because they are facilitating peace club meetings in schools and then supervising high school students in producing video reports.

Phase 3: General Assembly

After twelve months, the youth volunteers from all program cities hold one General Assembly. This is to deepen relations between PTI’s youth volunteers, reward volunteers for their work at peace clubs and to prepare youth volunteers for upcoming community projects, which they may implement.

At the end of the General Assembly, youth volunteers become PeaceTech Ambassadors and can officially join the PeaceTech Embassy.


This program is open for college students (1st year – 3rd year) who are currently enrolled from a university/college at the following cities:

City Slots
Metro Manila 30 participants
Cebu City 10 participants
Zamboanga City 10 participants
Iligan City 10 participants
Cotabato City 10 participants
Marawi City 10 participants


1. Shortlisting of received online applications
2. Panel interview
3. Final list of qualified


1. Electronic copy of duly accomplished application form with picture
2. Electronic copy of an endorsement letter from Office of Student Affairs
3. 1-minute video introduction of the applicant (email the link)

All requirements must be emailed .

Certificate will be given at the Annual General Assembly for those who finished the formation workshop and school club mentoring. PeaceTech Youth Ambassadors Program is an all-expenses paid program supported by AusAID.

Deadline of Submission of Application – March 18, 2012.

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